Hands down! I’ve had some ruff months

The last couple of months has been hard on me. And I am ready to come clean. I have been hospitalized (twice) and I still deal with some hypersensitive lungs that are reacting allergically to something in my surroundings.

This is how I communicated my situation out over on Facebook:hypersensitive lungs


It has been hard, but it has also given me time to think and stop the things I shouldn’t be doing to myself.

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Social media ethics everybody should be practicing



social media ethics

Social media ethics is something that is left untouched by a lot of people on the internet. I think Social media ethics is a really important subject in relation to social media. After all, it’s defines our behaviour, how people see us, or if you’re into business talk: your personal brand. Ethics are not what you preach, but what you practice.

Here’s some social media ethics that I think could make the world a better and more loving place if we all used them:


I absolutely hate it when I have found something good and then somebody else links to it or shares it without mentioning where they got it from. That’s why I always put in a “via” – the internet and the people on it loves links – so spread the love !

Sharing pictures on blogs

If I use a picture on my blog – I mention where I got it from. Social media ethics ftw! – spread the link love rockers!  Most people don’t mind that you’re using their stuff if you tell the world where you got it from. And if I find a drop dead gorgeous picture that I want to use in a presentation for a public speak, and it’s protected by copyright, I ask the person if it’s ok that I use it anyway. Haven’t gotten a no yet on that account.


Remember that what’s stated on social media is often very black and white. You can’t really be in between. Just keep that in mind when you discuss. My all time worst discussions are political discussions. There’s just no way to tell people to respect that people have another opinion than you. I often say that on the internet we speak in what I call our “ultimate truth”. Most times these discussions are text-based so either you agree (and tell it to the world). Strongly disagree (and tell it to the world). but if you’re indifferent about something you often just browse on through the emails or news feeds. That’s why it comes out like ultimatums. Keep that in mind.


One of the things that really gets to me, is people who keep adding me to groups without me approving it. I know you can do that on Facebook, and there’s no way (yet) that you can block people from doing it (you can with event invites, apps and pages). To me it seems like a hole in permission marketing that some people take advantage of. Adding people again and again to new groups, creates more bad- than goodwill in my opinion, so watch that invite button.

Seeding (or people who shares their content everywhere)

You know those people who seeds everything they create into groups just because they can? It reminds me of a link baiting scheme. Making the rounds when you need traffic for your website or you have a particular call-to-action you want to push.  It is a big mistake to do this on a continuos basis. Especially if you’re not contributing in the group apart from doing your seeding each time you have something you need to “launch”.

I do it myself though, on my own channels where people have actively signed up to hear what I have to say. But in my point of view there’s a big difference between sharing on your own social media “embassies” and then sharing stuff in groups where people haven’t signed up to get your… well – should we say.. close-to-spam?  As a moderator of several groups on the internet, seeding can really piss me off. There’s a lot of discussions going on about whether or not it should be “allowed” if the content you’re sharing is of value to the people in the group.

I say nay. Not if it’s simply a part of a scheme. I think everybody owes to themselves to listen to their gut feeling whether or not they should be sharing their oh-so-valuable content. If it’s something you’re over the top about and you simply can’t resist because it’s that good – go for it!

Oh, and – as a moderator, I think that people should be happy when you mention to them that they should watch the seeding of their own content in a group, because again, if you seed too much, or you over-share several times a day, your brand will also go from “valuable input” to “spammer” in a matter of updates. Or from good-will around your brand to bad-will.

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I needed to be blown out of the entrepreneurial ballpark

I know there has been radio silence on henrietteweber.com when it comes to posting frequency.

The reason for this is that I have taken a much needed break from everything and I am starting to figure out how I want to do things smarter. In retrospect, I can see that I have been running around without my head and heart in things and trying to get ends to meet for far too long. Kind of like a curly digital guru who doesn’t know who she is or what she should be doing, but she needs to get more followers and likes and because it matters for business. I lost track of my core and it almost got the best of me.

It all changed when I met with my spiritual coach for the first time: the ever awesome and totally amazing in everyway: Mariakaisa Bruun. I met with her to get a better sense of direction from all the things I was doing: Toothless Tiger, henrietteweber.com (including writing books, articles, and doing speaking gigs) and geek girl magazine. She told me… that I had to pause right now and breathe. That I needed to get some energy back in my cells because otherwise there was a rockbottom out there called “stressed out of my mind and not functioning in anyway” and that I couldn’t allow that to happen, because the universe had bigger plans for me. After she said that, I found out that she was right. I was SO unhappy. I was SO into the whole race that I forgot my own brilliance. My specialness. The business avantgardist.

This is a learning curve. A different one for me than I have ever been on before. It’s a learning curve called “I need to get my shit together to be all I can be, and I can’t become a complete stress victim before I am 35″ .

Since november, there’s so many things I have said goodbye to. Things I don’t miss. People I don’t miss. I am so much more focused and more true to myself.

That’s a gift I have found in this process. Because I had lost track.I had no idea what I was doing except for surviving. Surviving is not living. I have been trying to keep entrepreneurial spirit floating, trying to stay true to myself and at the same time making ends meet.

The past couple of years have been dead hard. We have gone through financial hell. And I have kept what I thought was my core intact because otherwise I would have been selling out. I should probably have sold out and gotten a job a while back, but I just couldn’t. I thought I needed the to wave the entrepreneur flag high.  I thought I needed  to keep producing and performing…

…I ended up killing the idea of “the digital guru icon” inside of me all together. I guess I just got too caught up in the game. I forgot myself. I forgot my brilliance. I just became a 5 step mashable article, because I thought I needed to be retweeted. I thought I needed to be the entrepreneur because everybody wants to be her. She’s cool, she’s popular, stylish, curly,  and  she’s doing her own thing.

Now… I am back at just doing my own thing. Working on finishing a bunch of projects that are important to me, but hasn’t been touched for ages. Working on polishing some others off. Taking my space. Claiming my ground. Not being an entrepreneur for the sake of being the entrepreneur. Not being an entrepreneur because it’s what you need to be these days. But just being me. Loving myself. Cherish what I have already given to the world of inspiration and build an empire on that. And just stop and take a walk in nature for once in a while. Taking care of myself.  Oh yeah and get those brilliant curly digital guru ideas back again. Because trust me, they are coming back again.

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Speak geek and enter!

Speak Geek and Enter

Something happened last week. I was nominated for the danish award “Ivækstprisen” together with editor-in-chief, Maria Fynsk Norup because of my work with  Geek Girl Danmark  and our startup Geek Girl Magazine. It was an extreme honour to be nominated – but what was even more extreme, was the response from the network – something I have been living high on ever since. It seems like I’ve struck a chord and it keeps humming.

Just wanted to thank you all and remind you that you can cast your vote for us here (even if you don’t speak danish – you just have to find my name and press “stem” =)

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“Don’t be so accessible when you’re a public speaker” he said


accessibility rocks

A couple of years back, I had a talk with a person who specialized in coaching personal brands to become better public speakers. After a while I found out that he was a truly great coach, if you where into being a mainstream public speaker.

But for me, a curly creative business avantgardist who had NO interest in becoming a public speaker who spoke for hundreds of people at the same company at once, about happiness in the workplace or motivation, it didn’t really work out.

He didn’t know what box to put me in. However he said one thing that I still think a lot about. He thought I was too accessible. He didn’t think I could become a  public speaker or a huge personal brand being so accessible. I mean everybody could get into contact with me everywhere right? on social media, on the streets, book a 1-on-1 digital feedback session with me.

I even had my email listed on my webpage instead of having a contact form!

To him it seemed unprofessional. Relating to people eye to eye. For me it made me wonder; is some personal brands build on inaccessibility? On people not replying to other people? On people not being able to book a meeting with another person because that person is too busy to relate ?

Well I disagree –  there’s a new kind of rockstar public speaker in town – she’s called  Henriette Weber and she’s SUPER accessible.

7 things about visionaries who puts purpose before profit

7 things about visionaries

- Visionaries does, almost by definition, sell more in the long run, compared to those who are all about profit.

- Visionaries can be woken in the middle of the night and answer the question “what are you fighting for” in one question- where some people can only give you their value statement.

- Visionaries knows that creativity is the most rebellic thing ever – together with creativity’s just-as-equal right hand: action.

- Believes in the power of relationship instead of cold (dead?) canvas when it comes to sales.

- Stays curious and is eager to learn new stuff

- Look at problems as opportunities for growth

- Know that babysteps will get you there too

People copying your work


People copying your work will make you stronger. It’s something that only happens to the best of us (she said, time and time again, while rocking back and forward). No honestly. Getting copied by others sucks big time. It makes you want to do something completely different with your work, life, sweat, joy and tears. I have tried it around 5 or 6 times now and it’s not fun, it hits right up on the ego, and you end up having this small voice inside your head saying “see? I told you, that you wheren’t good enough”.

But you can take a couple of precautions for when it happens. Like having a good lawyer and friends to discuss your approach to it. And some time to craft a polite, yet a “stop using my stuff/terms/whathaveyou” email to the person who has been ripping you off.

I would strongly disencourage everyone to ever rip other peoples work off, and instead use their work, but make sure that the person who created it in the first place they know, they’re thankful and they get a karma boost of a couple of 1000 because you’re using their work. I have written about this before in an article called “getting credit matters”.
As the ever awesome Danielle Laporte has said:

“People say “It doesn’t matter who get’s the credit” – well screw that, it matter a lot”.

Stuck in the middle with you, rockers!


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That old “I should totally build a brand around this idea” feeling

I think it’s sad that people are so in doubt about what kind of personal or corporate brand they can be. What kind of brand is aligned with them. A brand is something that should be closely aligned with your identity or personality.

I totally get where you’re coming from. When I read some of my first stuff on branding I thought it was sky-high and I couldn’t but a finger on anything I could actually use it for. But then slowly I switched into action gear and started to create stuff around me that I thought was aligned with my personality and personal brand. Suddently I didn’t only see a blank canvas (my blog) I saw a million creative ways I could make a living being myself and giving my practical and curly inspiration to the world.

Listen rockers! it starts out with one thing: Great ideas! If you’re thinking about your branding and you suddenly come up with something that you, yourself think is a great idea, then it’s something that’s worth considering. If you get the “I should totally build something around this idea” feeling.  There’s probably an aspect of that idea that is aligned with you and what personal or even corporate brand you can have.

Let’s add all these great ideas and actions!

Going to Düsseldorf for Shift Relays as a keynote speaker on branding

On Friday I’m flying to Düsseldorf to be a keynote speaker for Shift Relays  about being real, branding for startups and how they stick together.

(Actually I am just going there to be a speaker, but I am opening the programme, and for SEO purposes I need to have some content saying “Keynote Speaker” – so there you go).

There’s a lot of stuff that I am not an expert in, but being real and branding combined is a speciality of mine. I’m sitting here trying to figure out what should be my key points and I am building the whole presentation. I think it’s going to have some elements from this presentation that I did in Stockholm for Aggro Pekuliar in May:

Some casestudies and finally my own casestudy around rockbandism, rockbands and how it became/I made it my brand.

Inner business bliss: Feeling bad ass much ?

feeling bad ass much

I really like to measure stuff – internally and externally around my business and me as a business-owner. And one of the things I often end up looking at, internally – is how bad ass i feel as an entrepreneur.

Bad ass – to me, is to show confidence in everything I do. A personal goal of mine is to make sure that it’s there most of the time. I could call it self-confidence in your worklife, but bad ass-ness makes more sense to me. And let’s face it, sometimes you’re doing amazing and everything is cool -you feel bad ass but other times not so much. Last night I got all kinds of downs professionally because I don’t feel like Im writing enough.

I know. To some people I am probably doing a lot, I am running a consultancy, a startup and I want to be champion of all trades so I want to write more books as well. Mostly to honor my creativity.  But to be honest, I didn’t feel that bad ass last night.

When that happens: I do two things: Get my action into gear and start doing more of the things that I feel like I’m missing out of – like writing. And then I go back and think about that I responsible for my own happiness. Not my dog, not my clients, not the husband or the daughter. But just me. If there’s something I don’t like – I need to get smarter around it and change it. Buy some books. Spend more time reading and producing at night instead of watching Orange is the new black with the man. I should get a mentor in some field or hire somebody to help me out.  I should smarten up and get going. But I feel like these days, that one of the things I really LOVE – which is those things that are super important for the long-term success of my business life – like writing books, is something I keep postponing because there’s a lot of other stuff to do. So I need to start delegating to other people so I can feel bad ass again.