Live from Bucharest

m-series bucharest

Now live from Bucharest !

It’s very very different from Denmark – very different indeed. it seems like the country is being “westernized” completely and the romanians does seem to have any plans at all to interpret this. I was very surprised that on the way to Bucharest from the airport you would see commercial signs everywhere… literaly USA x 10

Also talking about cultural aspects it seems like the waiters at restaurants and bars favors the europeans instead of the Romanian.. which is a petty and I don’t know where this is coming from.

But Dragos Novac whom I met at Reboot and I are hanging out together – going to a museum today , and he told me that he had ” copyright” written on each article.. I am so sorry I was not aware of this.. it wasn’t to offend any of you…

I have to go again.. the city is calling

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