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How marketing from multinational companies has changed


Just a quick thought on today’s marketing

I was wondering today if my generation (who were kids in the 80s and 90s) are in particularly vulnerable to advertising, marketing and commercials?

I recall sitting at my great-grandmother’s place and watching MTV. In particular the video “boys boys boys” by Sabrina. MTV  had so many commercials that you ( at that point in time) did not have in Denmark. There were no commercials on danish tv – because the only tv station was licensed by the government. It was when another danish tv station ( a commercialised one) started that the commercials came into our face.

But when I was a child,  I was crazy about marketing. Crazy for candy commercials, Barbie commercials, My Little Pony commercials. I was told that the best meal I could have was at a fast food restaurant. The best way to play was with Barbie.

My point is that I am worried about how big firms market to my daughter. I hope it won’t be as necessary to tell her that the best meal she can have is at homemade – and not pizza or McDonalds.

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