My blogging manifesto? : be yourself

blogging manifestoReading this. I don’t like being categorized as a blogger, but hey it might work for somebody.

My own  “blogging manifesto” consists of two words ” be yourself “.

Blogging is about sharing the things you like, and adding questions. I think you should copy all the thoughts that makes you freeze and wonder, and spread them out there.

Blogging is about people and making people happier.

That said, it’s also important to write content that people think is interesting and value-adding for them. But you can content-plan and SEO-optimize all you want. If you’re not yourself there’s a significant part of your brand and your core that’s not with you.


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  1. dcinput August 16, 2005

    wise words…i like your ‘being yourself’ comment…it really is that simple.
    its about showing others your context. not that its easy to be one’s self these days.


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