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The silent revolution manifesto

here it is. my silent revolution manifesto:

silent revolution manifesto

The silent revolution is a movement WITHIN people to cope with the everyday information overload due to consumerism and marketing.

Nowadays we get so much information that there is no way that we can cope with it.

Not convinced? take a look at your inbox, or television or kids. Add your rss feed and your personal network. Stir it up with the products the media wants you to buy. Add a little touch of whatever the society wants you to be like – and you are almost there

Every company in the world wants you as it’s target group. They customize and scale themselves across branches and media.

In the world of today (and tomorrow) you will always be pressured. Deal with it!

What we need now is the best tools to make more time available – and they are currently being developed and marketed.

As a PR person, by now I know, that the chances of getting through to your audience via mainstream media ( TV, Radio and newspapers) are almost nonexistant.
It’s deathexpensive too.
And it doesn’t succeed.

There is nothing new under the sun. Companies are desperate looking for growth, and still, everybody ( including your neighbor) wants to sell you something.

I know, you want to sell something too.

So what happens?

People start to make their own media, global mikro companies, freelance companies etc.

You can even start your own bank now.

Everything is possible.

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I love the silent revolution Henriette, The silent revolution is ongoing and takes place within yorself – a practical tool is but to STOP (doing). Just for a few minutes. It has to be touched within – The power of silence is immense and the “outcome” profound.
ONLY you can make the STOP happen for yourself, step by step. Practise is what you need. Call it meditation if you want! There are no tools outside you – to bring silence within.
Just STOP (doing) – and you can stop (doing) even when you are working…not convinced?. Proof it to yourself by NOT “doing”, NOT “going” anywhere, NOT “looking” for credit, love or simply MORE…
I too want to sell something, but did I bring my heart into it? Absolutely.

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