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the various entrepreneurial network where I roam – don’t see what blogging can do for the selfmade (wo)man…

1. it is timeconsuming
2. it takes practise
3. is it worth it ?

blogging is about conversations and people – but can wellness companies, zonetherapists and coaches benefit from it ? will they be read by the people who has an interest in the company ?

Im puzzled. I see it from two sides:

– entrepreneurs are screaming for ways to make more money – and market themselves
– blogging is an inexpensive way to market yourself.
– it is a way for small companies to put a face behind the product, webwise…
– people can get to know you without meeting you at a network meeting – or any other place..


entrepreneurs are allways busy as it is…. why should they make time for blogging if they want to reach their target group who isn’t bloggers – and haven’t heard of blogs before ?

I wonder.. debate anyone ?

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