Arla to trial in Denmark – blogs used in a courtroom

Maja Møller of Arla foods ( the big bad dairy king of Scandinavia) is putted to trial in Denmark for having overused their domination on the danish market and locked out some small competitors.

the case is that the prosecutor states that ” Arla paid the distributor 200.000 kr ( about 35.000 USD) to stop selling a small competitors product”
Arla states that “they bought advertising in the distributors magazines for 200.000 kr”

Maja is puzzled whether she should blog the trial or leave it.

maybe the prosecutor will use her blog in trial then ? – but she chose to go for it ( good girl!)

has anyone experience with blogs possibly being used in trials ?

I will update you on how things goes

  • Maja Møller

    Actually it’s Louis Illum Honoré – my colleague and external relations manager – who is blogging the trial. I am sharing the Arla blog ” Omtanker” together with Louis. Happy New Year Henriette.

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