after the launch of Can I Crash ? I have been doing some research around bloggers and their use of wiki’s.

first thing I did was to check my mate Dragos Novac’s poll on

then I checked technorati for wiki Surveys – nada – nothing….

so im gathering information for a survey on bloggers on wiki’s – or more general, the usability of wiki’s when it comes to bloggers.

how can it be enhanced ?

it must be on the mind of wiki software people all the time…

I will post the survey shortly on toothlesstiger

stay tuned

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  • Olle Jonsson

    For the usability part, look at Peter Rukavina’s neighbour, Steven Garrity’s blog, Acts of Volition. Steven posted an article on using a wiki as a regular website, which thinks a little on how to use wikis smarter, and more beautiful.

    (Micro-bio on Steven: Steven’s been involved in the Mozilla identity effort, and is also in the Tango project, which aims to make Open Source software more beautiful and usable.)

  • h.m.

    there already exists something very similar (by idea) to “can i crash”:

    i doubt that establishing an accommodation platform just for bloggers makes any sense apart from the fact that competition is healthy for the business.

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