buzzwords of the blogosphere 2005

the buzzwords of blogs in general, I have found out is ( and probably will always be) “people” and “conversation” – which saves me a lot of time, because if I am podcasted at a conference or some of the participants ( anywhere) asks me “what I am doing in this specific venue” I end up answering ” people and conversation”. I think it adds blogging up pretty good. I want to specify it a bit more and throw “interconnectivity”, “passion”, “remarkability” and “research” in there too.

I have been a blogger since.. well Reboot 7, where I found myself standing in the midst of all these “crazy, passionate, intelligent and creative” people and didn’t know what to expect or who to talk to.

When I got home I found out that some of the people I had talked to had pretty “impressive” projects going on. I got dear friends and really good connections out of it.

A lot of things has happened since then. I quitted my at CBS – because there was no point in me being there.

so where do I/we from here in the blogosphere ?

In my point of view, I am sure you are going to see the blogosphere divided into clusters based on
1. professionalism
2. interests
3. people you would hang with if they lived in the same town as you

so is it basically the good’old highschool grouping we see here ? Maybe.. but it’s a network worth maintaining

and I think that Technorati and the rest of the blogsearch tools are going to evolve products that deals with the information overload of the rss feeds ( that we all have)

also I think that tools like Squidoo are really something special, because to me ( and I haven’t even got a lens yet) I can write down everything in my opinion that is cool, important and inspirational to me.

to me Squidoo is a cluster – once again Im not done playing with it – and I have hardly gotten around with it so much, so I can analyze it from anything else then my first impression!

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  • Mark Wubben

    It’s different from highschool because at highschool you don’t have much choice who to hang out with.

  • Henriette

    sure Mark, but you tend to cluster with the people with common interest right ? also in highschool, and off cause you have much choice, if you play your cards right *s*

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