salvor is trying to get more focus on the censorship at

Seems like Salvor has putted together a “Y-O-U-T-U-B-E” suppoert group at and it has over 400 members by now!

also deleted Salvors blog and account, only to reopen it later..

is this the way we see social network for the kids in the future ? fake profiles and advertisements ?

this is a picture of Salvors original blogpost:

another perfect example of advertisers and marketing taking over


I covered this issue earlier this week here

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  • Salvor

    It was not me, it was a Myspace user called Justin that founded the Youtube support group. Now there seem to be agreement between youtube and myspace, see my latest blogpost.

  • Murali (DontheCat)

    Sorry this comment is not related to this post. Cudn’t find an email link in your blogspace.

    We have started an initiative titled “CAN Conquer CANcer” aimed at spreading a message to dispel the myths surrounding the disease and help create awareness. In light of the fact that the Internet is one of the fastest and effective ways to spread the message to a larger audience, we have hosted a Contest for Bloggers titled “CAN Conquer CANcer Blog a Thot Contest” as part of the initiative. It’s probably the 1st time in Blogsphere history that a contest is done on this scale with so much involvement from people from around the globe.

    Here’s the link to the Contest. Do pass the word around.

    I have also “Crasheed” myself in CIC and also put up a note on the CCC contest related links.

    Great initiative. Keep it alive…

  • nicole

    the same thing is happening to me! but not with youtube. i have used in the past and now it’s not letting me use it to make posts/comments/written references on my page. here’s my screenshot: /Users/nicole/Desktop/Picture 1.png

  • myspaceisstartingtosuck

    I’ve been following this stuff for the last few days, because I used to love myspace…and from what I understand you tube is back on but I use and its still not working. Whats the deal??? I get 10 friend requests a day with some half naked chick that wants me to watch her web cam but if I want to send my friend a video I made and put on revver than suddenly I’m banned. WTF!

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