most bloggers are ….

I had decided not to blog anything of Hugh’s anymore, since he doesn’t agree with me ! ( naaah just kidding Hugh is nothing short of brilliant.. )

anyway doesn’t bloggers and internet community remind you of past era’s and guilds where the tone had to be polite?

I must admit some of the bloggers I’ve met, I couldn’t stand them. but if they read my blog ? hey.. lets talk!

but if blogging could get people to stop screaming and shouting at each other in traffic.. hey that something !

don’t shout, argue… people!

  • henning

    OK – thats a good one 🙂
    I like that humour!
    Though I think, that if we have to argue each time we have to comment on something, then a part of the funny in blogs will go.
    The sms-like coments flowing quick thanks to mail-notification is as important as the more deep-going commments.
    (whis this isn’t – sorry)


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