personal post about tomorrow

Tomorrow – this beautiful girl is turning 2 years old :

I have the pleasure of having her as a daughter. and she goes by the name of “Penny”. This picture is from this sunday where we had a huge birthday batch for her in “dyrehavsbakken” right outside of Copenhagen..

on the picture she is giving her ” smiling face” , which she always comes up with when you ask her to smile for the camera…

but wow, I can’t believe it is two years since I gave birth to her… !

it has been a hell of a ride ! –

she is the coolest girl in the world, and both I and Thomas loves her so much..

even though I would like to, and I could keep on writing… I will stop here.. just by saying ” tillykke med fødselsdagen, min lille trold” ( happy birthday, my little troll)

ps. picture taken by zpitzen

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