CPH geekdinner # 4 – with a new title

CPH Geekdinner # 4 has been retitled after a post
Gunnar made this morning

now the geekdinner #4 is going to be called ( drumroll please) = “undefined, untitled and united we stand!”

now the geekdinner is going to consist of a debate about how we “join forces” – and get to know our peers… it’s just going to be a debate of a half an hour or so… but I think the input could be used, and is necessary…

so we are structuring ourselves again – scary –

but sign up and lets have a ball – and a helluva discussion !

4 replies on “CPH geekdinner # 4 – with a new title”

Right. I didn’t make my comment in order to spark controversy. I did it because I think we’re all entitled to do whatever we think is right. And I don’t think that is what is happening right now. We’re moving in the direction of regulating each others behaviour. I don’t favour that. It is like “incorporating” without a corporation.

@zpitzen – øv altsÃ¥, det bliver ikke det samme uden dig…

@Gunnar – I know, you are a peaceful man *s* – and heck, my opinion is, that if people don’t like the way I play – they just don’t play along… I don’t think that anyone is saying that ” you should behave like that” or ” you should behave like this”… we’re just different people.. that’s all …

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