the silent revolution part 2

So yesterday we found out that people cared about what other people did, especially if they acted jointly and in groups. Multinational companies may not, but the NGO’s and the activists found a way to colide and make their case heard ( maybe it turned into violent demonstrations- but that actually attracted mainstream media more) – it got an edge… people were arrested for causes they believed in – extremist, but I would call them excellent rolefigures of some point, because it showed that some noble people outthere still had the courage to fight for what they believed in.

so because of these events society started to move psychologically – adding dangers from “outside” ( global warming, deceases, unjust wars) where people found out that somewhere, there’s an elite that runs different countries -this elite is influenced by lobbyists, these lobbyist are working in the best interest of the companies or organisations they represent. so where’s the actual “public” in this ? – they aren’t there.

we are nowhere in the decisiveness of governments – if they are persuaded strongly enough to follow through – they will.

so to counteract these behaviours and this, well powerless attitude – that you get when no one cares or listens. we started looking inwards.

western society became more demanding towards the producers of goods, wanting quality instead of quantity – and the conciousness about saving the planet, and making an influence in our own way , as single tiny persons in a big world -started to happen.

stress as a factor and a society decease made us take on meditation and a more spiritual approach to life. We have the means to choose our residence and make our home as comfortable as possible. We want the time to act as a family – and we want to be able to spend unstressful time with our kids.

mainstream media followed up on this and starting to make housing and design programs. then they made nanny watch – all in search of happyness for the actual family.

books was made to “clean up our mess” – and prioritize what things we wanted around us in our homes, and what wasn’t useful or pretty. simple living became a hit, and so did feng shui

so prioritize came into the picture… we need to get rid of the crap – and find the actual meaningful things that we want in our timelimited life.

and we needed a source to get all our thoughts down -and share these with other people. hence blogging. new networks has sprung from blogging, people meet, and people connect.

People are, in their essence, meaningful to other people.

Part three will show up here tomorrow…

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