silent revolution part 3

So… people are starting to find meaning in themselves – and work around their family and their homes more than they are occupied with global issues. I believe that this is the cause of the powerlessness that “normal” working people are feeling around governments.
fx the way the danish government handled the muhammad conflict was a puzzle to most danes. Also because it is the “normal” people that are being generalised ( as, also, some danes tends to do with foreigners).
this leaves a HUGE space for people to express themself. to not being generalised. to look inwards, to identify themself.
and I believe that this is what the internet and the new dimensions of it, is going to help with.
people cheer for each other on
people see where other people are located on
pinko marketing thrives at it’s best
all the “social software” is evolving around sharing and personal gain and communities because we are not used to have tools that let us share different thoughts.
and I am making funny little gimmicks on wiki’s such as canicrash and desti:nation, which – well in it’s essence, is fulfilling a huge part of my rather big creative side.
people are leaving companies to start own businesses where they are specialised and the creme de la creme

the web suddently ” acts and listens” instead of “observes”

so what is going to happen in the future and what should we be careful about ?.. read on when I have gathered my thoughts… whenever – maybe tomorrow

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