Statistics of blogging in America

Reuters reports that storytelling, and not journalism, is generating the most readers.. which I find is very interesting.

I am also crazy about the personal and creative aspect of blogging, which is one that the people in the survey are highlighting as a primary reason to blog (small YEY HOORAY from here!!!)

anyway these numbers are the newest from Pew Internet

37 percent of bloggers cited their life and experiences as their primary topic, while politics and government came in second at 11 percent.

About 8 percent of US internet users (12 million adults) keep a blog according to the report. Some 39 percent of US web users (57 million adults) read them, the researchers said.

US bloggers are evenly divided between men and women, and are more racially diverse than the web population in general: 40 percent are non-white.

About 34 percent see their blogging as a form of journalism.

Just over a third of bloggers said they engage often in journalistic activities such as verifying facts and linking to source material

More than 40 percent of bloggers said they never quote sources or other media directly.

11 percent said they post corrections.

61 percent said they rarely or never get permission to use copyrighted material.

55 percent of bloggers write under a pseudonym.

Nearly 90 percent invite comments from other readers.

Four out of five blogs use text, while 72 percent display photos and audio links play on 30 percent of blogs.

82 percent of bloggers think they will still be blogging in a year. 3 percent say they have quit.

source: Neville Hobson


  1. Hekla July 24, 2006

    Yeah Hen, there is nothing like the creative forces that DO work in everyone around the planet – AND you cant be creative without being personal. Creative forces embrased by oneself will open up for positiveness, curiosity, courage etc. – forces that will make a real change in the world – no?

  2. Henriette July 24, 2006

    dear Hekla, you are absolutely right… but still.. creativity and storytelling over journalism ?

    I think it’s great… and it will make a real change in the world… I am sure


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