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this has been my longest blogpause ever. really. 13 days.

I have been on a vacation in London and the next 14 days looks quite busy.

Im still speaking and workshopping at Shift06 with Dannie Jost I think we are going to be drinking loads of red wine and be really girlie… ( ahem.. when we are done with our jobs at shift…) of course.. I dunno – Dannie what do you think – should we have a housewarming party ?

also, I am still looking for a location for BarCamp Copenhagen, if you know of anyone who would like to host it, tell me !

– and I can announce that the speeches are going to be in english because people are coming over from across the sea…

  • Dannie Jost

    Yes! English it will be. SHiFTed we will be!

    Believe me, we are cool, even before the red wine. Nonetheless, I do function better on coffee and that is something that can be found at every street corner in Lisbon.

    As per Skype communication, I will pick you up at the Airport and we will do the housewarming after the Workshop.

    Gee, I do not know what to write – this is a common state of being for a writer – because I am here in the last throws of preparation and having some sort of cat fight with the toothlesstiger wiki. I do love wiki’s but at this point I love more the idea than my actual capabilities with it.

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