read my lips – crowdsourcing


customermade, user generated content, and now crowdsourcing…

wikipedia article here

and Wired article here

Im getting scared =)

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  • Olle Jonsson

    An interesting approach was taken by the Shopify team, when they needed to internationalize their webshop application.

    (I don’t know if I can write HTML here, so I’ll give it a shot.)

    Crowdsourcing internationalization

    Same URL:

  • Henriette

    I wonder what the crowd is getting back, apart from being able to use time on translation ?

    Also I am thinking about how many people are actually willing to do this,

    but from a strategic level, it is a smart example..

    let’s see how far it goes..

  • Olle Jonsson

    The shopkeepers are more than willing to do it. They get their language translation.

    Also, they get customization of their language files.

    Most often the “shopkeeper” has little control over the localization. Often it is a programmer’s task to create the localization files. This makes the language stuff later and often worse — than it has to be, since fewer people can easily edit the texts.

    Enabling the flocks of shopkeepers to do this, in a distributed way, is good for the shopkeepers.

    Another, perhaps distantly, related phenomenon is Akismet (WordPress’ antispam webservice), where all users’ blogs feed the system with identified spam-patterns. (But, this is more of a network effect than an instance of crowdsourcing.)

  • Henriette

    excellent Olle, thanks for sharing the good examples. still I am afraid that some companies might be taking advantage of this… but hey, that’s just my opinion…

    but I am looking forward to see what happens..

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