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What if internet marketing is 10 years behind technology and tendencies ?

It’s 3 a.m here, and I can’t sleep – I am turning and twisting because I have been drinking coffee after 6 in the evening. Big mistake.

I have been having this scary image inside my mind for a while now.

After a trip to Viral Marketing La La Land, I am terrified for the communities of the world.

Basically, because it occurred to me, that companies, as a part of the ‘new media things are using “old school marketing”.

I’m talking traffic ratings, placement, commercial deals ads here. ANYTHING BUT conversation and dialogue

When people are seriously thinking that what they are getting on the internet from blogs and Video blogs as a matter of comments, blog posts, etc, is the real deal, real people, real genuine conversation. Aren’t they being cheated a little bit by marketing?

If companies are hiring teenagers to do video blogs to create more hype around a viral campaign – and launching it on youtube isn’t that a huge problem?

Wouldn’t I as a consumer, be misled by this? because it’s not a part of real people’s lives, but a marketing stunt?

I have a confession; I was one of the kids who got into marketing to change marketing. To stop sweatshops. To change companies and the way they look at consumers from within…

And this bothers me, it truly does.

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I don’t think it sells more products ! – I don’t believe that distrust and forcing things ( whether its viral videos,blogposts or products) to people is a good way of making money anymore. I don’t know if it was ever a good way- but now it seems that it is less effective than ever.

Should genuinity,remarkability, transparency and “practice as you preach” be able to sell more products ? I really think so…

and Web Service providers and the word of mouth communities can go take a hike… *s*

thanks for the link=)

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