The approach to web 2.0: it isn’t rocket science

I am currently working on some scribblings about “stories” that I want to have published on Change This!

anyway I am sitting here with my WIFI shut off not to be disturbed – and out comes this – I don’t know if I can use it for the publication – BUT I didn’t think that you ( dear reader) should be without it…

“So, In Real Life relations is always going to be more important than what is happening in the media and online. Technology is great “ but I am a firm believer that if it doesn’t go hand in hand with relations and people can’t see what they can use it for, it is never going to be on a day to day level. People aren’t going to incorporate it, they are just going to know that there’s something out there called technology. Period. Something people in white gowns is working with in labs.
Now I would go so far to state that technology isn’t rocket science. Well a part of technology is.

But human relations technology ( or web) isn’t rocket science. It’s the opposite because everybody can do it. So people should stop acting like web is rocket science…it’s not. It’s not even business. I would claim that it comes close to philosophy and mentality. But actually it’s pure and simple; human interaction.
And to make it a bit more fun: “I would claim that it is a playground.”


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