creativity undefined manifesto

This is a manifesto I did the morning after the creativity workshop at Lift07 – warning , I was in flow when I did it..

– you cannot define the “spark of creativity” – sometimes it’s there sometimes it’s not – live with it

– creativity changes on basis of what culture you’re exposed to (and coming from)

– your creativity would be different if you have been impacted by other people than the ones you have been impacted by, in the past.

– if you start doing something different, your learning process will change accordingly

– creativity is the constant interaction between
1. the culture,
2. the field of people
3. the domains you roam
4. your sweet little personal self – if you change any of these factors, the other factors will change as well

– there’s a difference between igniting the idea, and taking the project from A-Z

– actions speaks louder than words – be the first to have an idea and follow it through. Actually being the first is a kick ! – and giving in so many ways

– look at your processes and structure – make “having fun” your new approach to everything, if you’re not having fun and if you’re not being inspired, get out of there!

– get out the old and make room for the new – it will come…

– focus on “Now” !. Feel yourself. Be grounded.

– be passive…take a shower, drive your car… feel.. listen…

– Ask all the questions in the world, to everybody.. Comment on everything you want to, to get your own thoughts going

– look at all your problems as a question. instead of saying ” that lady is bugging me” – turn it into “why is that lady bugging me ?”

– wear different clothes.. new colors – screw fashion and the designocracy… feel comfortable.. inspire others…

– get rid of stupid… stupid friends, habits, furniture, clothes… everything that is draining your lifeenergy…

– write down everything especially first observations.

– be happy, open and willing to change …

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Hey, I like it! Good energy, you should do a poster og a t-shirt version!
Feels like Eno’s old advice “If you don’t know where to start, start anywhere” could fit in there.

Smal correction;
make “having fun” you’re new approach –> make “having fun” your new approach

Hi, *s* thanks for the feedback and the correction.

I was in flow when I wrote it, I think I have corrected all the errors now…

t-shirt version and poster is coming up..

Nice summary on the Creativity!

I really enjoyed the workshop, and glad to have come to know you and Dannie. The WS triggered me to start walking avenue in life differently. I’m excited with seeing its consequences. In fact I’ve started feeling changes ocurring tome, though subtle, I feel them for sure. This feeling makes me happy and charges energy with me to go further.

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