Focused entrepreneurship vs whatever gets MY attention

In an entrepreneur course that I attended a couple of years ago, I was told that the entrepreneur needed to be able to focus on his “area”, his startup – too much diversity was a distraction.

I guess I am proving the teacher wrong.

Everyday I get emails from people asking my advice on transitional web apps and where I see the future is heading. yet at the same time, I absolutely adore my editorship of greengirlsglobal and the creativity/flow work I have been conducting with Dannie at various tech conferences. ohh and I am involving myself in one impulsive movieproject after another Tara did an excellent blogpost today about patience in business

I have been thinking about how wrong I think the teacher was, when he told 25 entrepreneurs that focused entrepreneurship was key. I think that focus gets a second place in the attention race – right after, well everything that actually catches my attention.

Because it’s not my attention towards my playground or my blog that helps me learn and grow. it’s all these little tendencies and things that I would love to try out. so my attention IS diversified focus. why shouldn’t you be able to focus on more things at one time ? Oh, and distraction is not in my vocabulary  only “thirst for knowledge”..

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  1. Pedro Custódio March 7, 2007

    This will probably sound quite familiar, since we already had this conversation, I think with Stowe during LIFT.

    Diversification brings new ideas but at the same time, makes quite hard to present ourselves, at least to me, I don’t see myself as this or that anymore, but more in terms of my interests being this-and-that-plus-that-too. It’s not that some focus isn’t required, the thing is that in our field, especially in mine, technology is going to be everyware, rather than a specific field, and having that in mind, makes a lot of sense to immerse myself in different fields and experiences. Gains are quite obvious, empathy towards users will deliver more real and accurate tools for their needs, from knowing users needs and expectations, new ideas are born, and new chances of a project breakthrough arises, so new opportunities present themselves!

    So yes! Diversity rocks! :)


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