ungdomshuset – the killing of creativity

Copenhagen is being normalised. Ungdomshuset is being taken down.

Normal to me means boring, uninspiring and especially uncreative. they’re thinking about building luxurious buildings in Christiania and now, the politicians has taken away a house, killed a dream, turned the bad guys into winners for the moment, and you have a lot of angry youngsters on the streets of Copenhagen.  One of the funniest days I’ve ever experienced was a mayday (1. of may) in Copenhagen where Thomas, my daughter, my dearest friend and I joined an anarchistic mayday demonstration walking from Vesterbro around the city hall square and out towards Nørrebro and Ungdomshuset , then towards fælledparken together with the euro mayday demonstration. Now you can ask if worker days and maydays are still necessary. They always get me dancing in the streets. Penny was with me at the international women’s day demonstration when she was 7 months old. so are they necessary ? – well the last couple of days, months, years tells me obviously. There’s still a lot of minorities to fight for. My general opinion on taking down Ungdomshuset is: it tears my soul apart and it makes me cry. I feel numb. So why is that ? – because I know how much they struggled to keep it. A house given to them by the commune of Copenhagen, then taken back and sold to a company which proved to be an evangelical insane christian cult called “faderhuset” So why is it important for the city of Copenhagen to have an ungdomshus ? – basically it’s because it keeps the kids out of trouble and off the streets, and it gives them ideals. I have been in Ungdomshuset several times, and the place sprung with CREATIVITY, PASSION, IMPULSES and DIVERSITY. You can always see it on what clothes people chose to wear. At Ungdomshuset, fashion was fantastic. But it was also the acceptance from the community and the politicians of ungdomshuset, that made it a special place. So, in Copenhagen these days, creativity and culture has been killed on the behalf of an christian cult – who has been quoted saying that they will take on the homosexuals next time. I have no idea who decided this or who made this happen. And I have no idea who turned the focus to the violence of the youngsters. At least the only damaged materials. it was a statement and a cry for help. Instead the commune of Copenhagen choses to say that they will not tolerate violence. Well I think that the danish society should make a statement saying that they will not tolerate religious fanatism. well no one should tolerate violence. but really, what choice did the youngsters have ?. Instead a great gift was given to faderhuset. More PR than the mtv music awards 2006 in copenhagen. Funny no one spotted that one before. And you have a sad youth now, Copenhagen. Now they will go rebel and dance in the streets to fight for what they believe in. Aren’t you allowed to do that when you’re a teenager ? isn’t that a part of the proces ? a part of creativity? all pictures are by my friend Søren Haraldsted ..more here ( under a CC license of course)

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  • Dannie Jost

    Thanks for posting your thoughts on this. My view is from too much distance and I do not see the details… still, it is not a pretty picture regardless from how far or how close one is to the whole of it.

  • Mike

    Now what? The youth center has been pulled down. Rest of Christiania? Is it still alive? And what’s going on there? My target,my dream, is to go live there on November, if I make enough money during summer. Is there any possibility?


  • Soren Haraldsted

    It also hurt me dearly to see such a unique place being torn down… It’s a sad world we live in, when everything different is “bad”….

    I will have alot more pictures coming up soon…!

  • Zpitzen

    I’ll never forget that day.. the mayday… And I still don’t know how you managed to trick both Thomas and I into coming with you… My pink conservative scarf didn’t go well with all that black…. *G*
    But we escaped them in the end… And I DIND’T yell at the RÃ¥dhus….

  • David Camacho

    I was only in Copenhagen once and regret not making an effort to see Christiania first hand. Hope some part remains of it by the time reboot 9.0 rolls around…

  • Henriette

    Hi David – I think Christiania is not going to be normalised before the start of June. I am looking so much forward to see you at reboot 9.0

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