As far as twitter vs jaiku goes

As far as the twitter vs Jaiku goes – I don’t believe that these two applications are even close to competing. why ?


Twitter vs jaiku in details

Twitter is only dealing with statements where Jaiku is getting more and more richer in the approach to become the biggest “presence” transitional web app around.
The community on Jaiku is so much better – because in addition to be all about “me”, it’s also about “you” as well.

I would even go as far as claiming that Twitter is getting more irrelevant by the minute. The key feature to twitter is a cool proces, that Jaiku has implemented so well in it’s web and mobile app which makes it the best transitional community around.


  1. Allan Jenkins April 13, 2007

    Lee Hopkins and I were speculating over the same thing today in our podcast, and so I quoted you. Of course, I had no idea what you were talking about.

    What do you mean about “all about ‘me’, it’s also about ‘you’ as well”?

    And trivia: I read 500+ bloggers; you are the only one I ever run into in the mall.

  2. henriette April 14, 2007

    Hi Allan – it’s good that you’re helping getting the new wave of transitional web apps to general notion in your podcast.. thanks – it’s an interesting subject and I have gone all nerdy about it *s*

    “all about “me”, it’s also about “you” as well?” means that when twitter is very individual focused (fx. “im stating that I am doing something” – and the community is created out of your personal statements) Jaiku is about “you” as well ( you can state away on jaiku as well, but people can comment on your statements directly, as well as comment on every other thing coming into any kind of RSS you have defined in Jaiku).. meaning that community is not only evolving you – but because of the abilitiy to comment, to well everything you define in there – you evolve the “other person as well” ( or the you)
    so people are commenting on my links, my account, my statements and my blog… it makes it a much fuller experience…
    also the commenting has the potential to make every incoming “post” (no matter if it’s from your blog or from ma.gnolia) into a conversation in itself. ( see this : as an example). So one of the key factors of jaiku would be “involvement” – which makes the “you” stand out as well as the “me”…

    btw – I love to run into you at the mall – maybe we should go shopping together sometime ? *gg*

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