the complete creativity 100: a practical creativity manifesto

the complete creativity 100 manifesto
“Creativity 100” is a practical inspiring creativity manifesto made after the conference lift07 in Geneva, Switzerland by Henriette Weber. A manifesto that can create some twisting and turning in your minds.

Since reboot 9 I have been dying to finish this amazing list of creativity.

Without further delays, I give you the complete creativity 100:

1. your knowledge of “what’s out there” makes you base your choices on your knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work

2. creativity means creative choices of inclusion and exclusion (Robert Mckee)3. What doesn’t work in one context – might work in another. Test your options

4. creativity is interaction. Most of the time with real people

5. the biggest goal for your ideas and creativity is casualization. Turning your idea into a trend that partly turns “mainstream” or “normal”

6. when an idea is casualized – work on a new idea. Be ahead of the market

7. look at the past to predict the future. Patterns mostly form themselves and repeat themselves

8. being the first is more important to creativity than to be the best. When somebody becomes the best – the first are being first in something else

9. taking a creativity project from a-z is a piece of art in itself. Sometimes the creative person can’t manage herself- he’s busy creating other ideas

10. creative action speaks louder than creative words

11. you don’t really need to be tomorrow where you are today

12. you don’t need to have creative past to get a creative future

13. be a firestarter, a twisted firestarter

14. dare to be different, it will really get you further in the long run

15. creative people are often disliked by other people. It’s often real hard for the creative person to accept that

16. see your body mind and spirit as a whole, get inspiration with new ways of eating, living, thinking etc

17. make personal goals and keep them. Do you really want to write that book right now ? – how high priority does it have on a scale from 1- 10 ( 1 is the lowest)

18. make all your thoughts positive instead of negative, don’t nag – think about what a negative situation gives you in form of creativity- in a positive way

19. eliminate the word “against” in your mind. Don’t be against smoking or against war – be FOR health and FOR peace

20. eliminate “forever” and “never” in your mind. This will contribute to reducing you reluctance to change and in the end make your person more in sync

21. don’t go where no man has gone before – go where YOU haven’t gone before – if you don’t like it, see it as an experience, if you do – use it to grow further

22. what do you really want ? get a friend to ask you that question again and again for 5 mins – and write it down ( if you don’t have any friends, IM me and I can ask you)

23. put beauty and creativity in everything – live beautifully and clean up your mess

24. smile, try meditation and yoga

25. don’t react negatively to anything, tell people to their face what you think of the way they are behaving

26. Is the processes you have in your life right now draining your energy or giving you energy ? – if it’s draining your energy, get yourself out of there…

27. how do you feel when you have eaten ? tired or energized ? if you fell tired the likelyhood of a food intolerance is big

28. dress up everyday it will help your creativity flow

29. be green – this will change your world ( and it will give you the energy to save the world)

30. tell friends how much you appreciate them – do they know ?

31. make your marks in the sand, claim what is yours before somebody else does

32. what do you want to do right now ?

33. do it

34: l.i.v.e i.n. t.h.e n.o.w!

35: stay philosophical – something like ” is that dress really pink – or is it just my perception of it that’s pink?”

36: don’t just eat everything you put in your mouth, taste it… and taste it again – ask yourself what it tastes of

37: have a happy creativity approach

38: don’t let people who let’s you down, get you down. use the experience to show them what you’re made of

39: be passionate about yourself and your life, if there’s not a tiny spark of passion in what you do, I believe you wouldn’t be doing it

40: try to take yourself where you want to go, not based on where you have been, but based on where you are now

41: see art

42: make art

43: give “it” away – now… it doesn’t matter what “it” is – just give it away

44: be direct, tell people if you don’t agree, but in a positive way – your opinion will be valued and not evaluated if you’re positive about it

45: give people the answers they are looking for, if you can give it to them.. ( and give it to the ASAP – I simply hate hanging on a leash)

46: if you’re in flow, you’re in flow – stop all arrangements and stay there, in the creativity – tell your family that if you say you simply “need” to do something – it’s because you’re in flow.

47: don’t put other people’s priorities first, put your own priorities first.

48: entrepreneurs: get paid for the work you do – if they don’t want to pay you, then they don’t deserve you ( or don’t value you enough) – but hold your head high – it’s hard to live under water

49: listen to music and podcasts – entertain and be entertained

50: have another glass of wine

51: party like there’s no tomorrow… examine the world as if you were born today

52: make yourself an “I am good” book. write down 3 points where you start with “I am good at…”. Then write down 3 points where you start with “Thank you for”. At last write down 3 points where you start with “help me with”… put everything out there – don’t care who you thank or who you ask for help.. just do it everynight before you go to bed… It will get you somewhere…

53: watch movies

54: stop watching TV

55: picture what will be written on your tombstone – picture you’re a hundred and look back at your life, what do you want to be remembered for?

56: take a ceramics course, when you’ve had enough take a guitar course, when you play the guitar to perfection – study litterature at the university… keep evolving yourself..

57: Creativity is not a crime – keep pushin’ the ideas out there

58: try to see patterns and see if you can estimate where the future is heading

60: have the exces energy to cook every night – make it a daily family event

61: have dinner parties for your favorite people.62: listen, and then talk…

63: when people ask you how you’re doing – you should say “great”

64: buy a book today about a subject you don’t think you’re interested in

65: sign up for a new blog today

66: comment

67: try to design it yourself – no matter what you want to do…

68: ask the questions you are scared about first

69: remember your own youth revolution – are you still a part of it and fighting the same things ?

70: don’t fear the unknown

71: tell people if you disagree, when you disagree, not 3 days later

72: be involved in communities

73: use only your weak hand for one day

74: switch to left-handed

75: draw a familiar object, upside down

76: become a designer, in your mind and in your ways of acting

77: DIY – who knows what you might find ( or ruin)

78: draw 20 circles. Try to make each one into something in under 7 minutes (ie: pie, bicycle wheel, sewer grate, etc). repeat daily.

79: write “what if?” scenarios

80: try to do things you didn’t think was possible. fx. if you’re a parent you know how little sleep you actually need to function.

81: act

82: praise yourself

83: make noise

84: imagine your problem was a contestant in the iron chef, but iron chef for X industry/context. how would they win?

85: Imagine other contexts for things. Macguyver everything

86: always keep asking, why?

87: never settle down

88: don’t become to satisfied, be proud, but enhancing

89: if you never ask questions then you’re probably not getting the right answers

90: always keep asking. create questions around whatever you’re trying to do

91: be polite, always

92: revolt

93: be selfconcious

94: take the bike

95: bring a notebook on you and a kick-ass pen

96: love

97: do art

98: join a reclaim the streets

99: picture yourself doing things you never thought you’d do.

100: record yourself singing a song on camera

thanks to John Griffiths, Michele Perras and Will Pate from the wonderful torcamp swarm for the last 20 crossposted on Toothless Tiger and Tensoriana

18 replies on “the complete creativity 100: a practical creativity manifesto”

henriette hello.
this is really interesting and motivating too. there are many points i jotted down for reference. even creative people need a push, it’s true.
thank you again!

THANK YOU for a really interesting and motivating list! i jotted down a few for reference! even creative people need a nudge sometimes! be well and again thank you!

Hi Hen,
Thats a jolly good sample of ideas – liked nr 63 the most 😉 You repeat yourself a couple of times, does that mean you lack 2 more creativity ‘rules’ on your list ?

Heres one more:
Write IT down (yourthoughts) without qustioning them. Only when the mind is empty, there is room for fresh ideas. Then you ask yourself HOW? WHY?

hi Hekla – thanks *s* – where do I repeat myself ? I like the “write it down”… hope you’re grand , and if you can use my thought for ANYTHING I have certainly accomplished something

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