the web is not enough – a recap of reboot9

Reboot 9 was different. The structuring of the conference was something near anarchy. I had a blast. I met the people I always want to meet.

But did I learn anything significant ? yes. I was confirmed in my solid belief nowadays that the communities are starting to move to peripheral devices. That my hunches about transitional web apps are real interesting to a lot of european conference goers. There was a lot of talks about mobile and ways to integrate the web into the first life ( my very favorite presentation was “Online Symbols in the offline world” by Aram Bartholl … and evolved a lot of playing and a lot of fun.

For some strange reason it seems like people are going back to privacy in combination with being a part of a community. .

Are we getting tired of sharing ? – hardly.

We are just being overcrowded by all these applications that wants our devotion and a cool userbase. Which in it’s essence is okay – but it also means that the communities where the ” what’s in it for me, or what’s the point” like linkedin fx. are going to have a hard time to keep it’s momentum with the crowd. Communities that are too static better figure out how to transide right now!
Actually it occured to me that moo cards are a part of flickr transiting.

the most interesting talks at reboot where about getting back to 1st life in every way – by using peripheral devices mostly.

Anyway I don’t think the web is enough anymore.

Also my experience with jaiku as a backchannel was mindblowing. I know I was one of the assigned commentators but anyway – it worked better than really well…

I have teamed up with my best friend ( who is a killer cupcake maker) and have her make 100 jaiku cupcakes – which was awesome and a big succes…

The Jaiku backchannel ended up in a BBC article about reboot – rock on! – and they even made me a poster girl (together with Peter Rukavina and Dannie Jost !

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