the pulsefrequency of the brain (and it’s effect on creativity and incubation)

Kim Bach told me on jaiku this morning that he missed my blogging. I must admit that I have turned into an “infrequent blogger” lately. There’s just so many other things on my mind these days.
I have found out what I like to do when I take time off. Off the internet, off work and just being me, so these days I am doing a lot of painting, a lot of guitarplaying a lot of remodifying ( t-shirts, furniture, you name it) and a lot of cleaning up on every level of my life. Sounds deep ? well it kinda is. It needs to be if Im gonna keep my calm these days and not getting stressed out.

so what do YOU love to do ? and are you doing it when you are taking time off ?

This weekend I took my favorite man and went on a mental training workshop by Susan Ekberg. It was a real mental kick and I got so much out of it. Among other things she talked about the pulsefrequency of the brain which I want to share with ya’ll.

The pulsefrequency of the brain is how fast your neural network ( neurons in singular) is operating.

When you are awake and in “normal mode” (acting, talking, walking) your pulsefrequency is 21 hertz(beta mode).

when you are deep asleep you’re in deltamode and your pulsefrequency of the brain is about 3-4 hertz

when you are asleep but not deeply you are in tetra mode.

What you really want to achieve as much as possible for your creativity is alfa mode. Alfa mode is a pulsefrequency of 10 hertz. It is best described as being the mode when your body is relaxed to complete harmony, but your not asleep. It is often achieved through meditation. This is supposedly the optimal place to start incubation and creativity.

The nature swings with 10 hertz pulsefrequency – which is probably one of the reasons that one of the cures for stress is to send people tree hugging.

the alfa frequency is also the frequency that the collective intelligence is on.

On my alfa frequency these days I just let things come to me.. and it’s making me a better and more reflective/creative person.

If there’s anyone out there that knows about any books on this subject I would love to hear from you.


  1. Troels Wittrup September 12, 2007

    Lone Frank has written a book called “Den Femte Revolution”

    I read a chapter of her book in Weekendavisen with the Danish title “Lykken er venstredrejet” (Happiness is on the left hand side) about brain scans of buddhist monks meditating. They reach alpha state by meditating and become happier as an effect of this!

    The same studies were conducted on workers in a stressful job who didn’t like to go to work. By learning meditation and meditating on a regular basis they became more happy to go to work. With lasting effects. They used Mindfulness meditation (a non-religious form of meditation).

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  3. Kim Bach September 13, 2007

    So I brewed up a blog-post to answer you

    It’s still work in progress, but now I’ve thrown it out there for all of you to see.

    Am I crazy (crazier than normally at least), or am I onto something?

    Shoot it down or fund me!

  4. Henriette September 13, 2007

    @troels thanks for the bookrec – wonderful! it looks like it’s just what I am looking for =)

    @kim.. you’re not crazier than normally – but I loved the blogpost =)

  5. Pedro Custódio September 13, 2007

    You should definitely write more often! 😉
    We’re all need this brilliant insights to wake up from our dumb states on a regular basis! 😉

    About the alpha states I find it amazing that we can glimpse out some of its mechanism, it’s indeed a very unique and productive state of mind… my only question about exercising it, is if our body can handle (physically speaking) such state more frequently than its supposed… could be a stupid question, but I also imagine that our brains should have a point for not sticking with it all day long, no?

  6. Kim Bach September 14, 2007

    I would not suggest that you do more than one Yoga Nidra session a day. I do it quite rarely, and I’m not sure it’s healthy, but it wakes you in the extreme, this summer it “made me” climb a mountain. The pratice is remarkably simple, but I suggest that you try your first session at a centre. After that you can use a Audiobook, I got mine from iTunes.

  7. Henriette September 16, 2007

    I have been told that if you’re in alfa about 3×10 mins a day you should have enough alfasleep to keep the innovation and creativity going – you shouldn’t stay in that state for a whole day ( in the same way that you shouldn’t be asleep for a whole day )

    I will see if I can start writing more often =)

  8. KÃ¥re Mulvad September 17, 2007

    I actually read a book called “Stess” – I gave the book to a friend to read so I’m not sure of the title – but as you can imagine i got it and read it because i “came down with a serious case of” stress. Reading the book describes in a very good plain and easy to understand, the different brainwaves along with the impact stress has on the brain. It also indicated a form of meditation – most of you might remember from school gym class – where you where talked through a serious of relaxing methods.

    This method is one I’ve trained to use on myself, and today it’s possible for me to almost get to the Alfa frequency by concentrating – it takes a lot of practice and not using is like not riding a bike for a long time, so learn it and use it actively.

  9. Henriette September 18, 2007

    uh – I must find that book – it sound very benificial for your wellbeing that you can go to alfa just by concentrating. New thing for me to learn


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