pan retronization project: updates and boatoffice thoughts for the future

So here’s what has been happening to Pan lately. First of all we are discussing renaming her to “Pan the pirate” or “Pan the pirate grrl” because she’s gonna have a brand new identity when we’re done with her. Still it’s really hard work but we are starting to get somewhere. Here’s what happened:

Pan is now officially taken out of the water (please note the lovely algas on the bottom of it)

Starting cleaning the boat and taking out the water

Penny the sailor getting ready to start taking of the old paint.

So after a weekend of taking of paint on the inside of the boat – we have a come a long way and have found out that we need a paint removing tool until next weekend ( all 3 of us had paint in our hair, noses and ears after the beginning of the paint-removal job. ( we need to do both the interior and exterior of it)

After talking to an expert (Thomas’ dad) and subscribing to all kinds of boat forums ( where we have no idea what people are talking about) we have decided to start by ensuring the boat is completely dry and staying that way.

This means that we will have to use around 8000 DKR ( ruffly 1750 dollars) on 3 skylights and new rubber for the windows. So we need find those money somewhere… All in all Pan is gonna be costly and around 100.000 DKR in total ( new engine and all)

Maybe I should set up a paypal account and hope that the blogosphere will take this lovely boat in their arms and own it with us.

anyway… My thought is quite wacky. But when Pan is done being retronized – it will be the official Toothless Tiger office. Yes and it will be the first danish boat coworking place.

Is it just me – or wouldn’t it be incredibly cool ? … it makes sense to me =)

Oh and if you have any ideas for funding – please let me know.

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