what is there to a name ? a rose is still a rose

So – at this point there is 2 days until I become mrs. Thomas Kristiansen – meaning that I no longer only will be “Henriette Weber Andersen” – but my new full name will be “Henriette Weber Andersen Kristiansen”.

So far I haven’t really taken the big jump into using Kristiansen as my main surname – and I haven’t really used Andersen recently – so these days I am just using Henriette Weber… which I have always liked.

But I am worried that I will loose a part of myself or become someone else when I take on Kristiansen. Which is quite ridiculous..

But what if my selfperception change because my name changes?… I am sure that Kristiansen is an addition to my personality and not a subtraction at all.

I mean if you have 3 surnames you really have to live up to it. Speaking of changes it was my last day at my old job yesterday. I am so happy to be out of there, really it was such a limitation to my free spirit.

Today I got up at 5 and started working on heltinder.dk because I am change of the new and improved webdesign ( well as new and improved as the CMS allows)… I feel like painting again, I feel like writing all the time, I am sure this is the right path for me.

So new paths to thread for me – and boy, it’s gonna be exciting =)


  1. André Hedetoft May 22, 2008


    I just wanted jump in and give you guys my best wishes!

    Live long and prosper 😉

  2. Peter Rukavina May 22, 2008

    Best wishes from we here in Canada too.

    Our son Oliver’s full name is Oliver Duncan Lowell Rukavina. His name is so long that on his provincial government health card they could only fit “Oliver Duncan Low”.

    Personally, I’ve just overcome my habit of wanting to put two letter-Ns in “Henriette,” so this new development may take me a while to catch up to.

  3. Mark Wubben May 22, 2008

    So is Thomas going to take on one of your names as well? 😉

    Just don’t think of yourself as Mrs Kristiansen too much, but more as Weber Kristiansen. Oh, and see you tomorrow!

  4. Kim Bach May 23, 2008

    To me your just Henriette, and two sens, wow, but I think we should adopt old ways and use datter again, so Henriette Weber Andersdatter Kristiansen (not suggesting that we start including hometown in our names again, Marin Andersen-Nexø is cool by Henriette Weber Andersen-Helsingør Kristiansen-Glostrup I find too much). Looking forward to Saturday, and Thomas is a VERY lucky guy!


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