The story of the megaman tattoo

my pixelated 8-bit megaman tattoo finished

Here’s the story of the megaman tattoo I have on my arm.

Basically because people really likes it and it is quite extraordinary in itself.

So last year for Thomas birthday party he got a gift certificate for a tattoo for 1500 DKR ( which is something like 250 dollars),And because our birthdays only are 4 days apart I also got a gift certificate, but for a slightly less amount 300 DKR (40 dollars approx.).


I was exstatic – because I love tattoos and I really wanted one badly, an 8-bit megaman tattoo.

So a couple of months went by and I drew this tattoo for TK:


Which turned out like this:

tks tattoo

Now I knew that I wanted a pixelated Tattoo and when I saw this I just knew that it was what I was looking for.

Megaman means a lot to me.

1. the 8-bit megaman tattoo resembled my childhood playing computergames, my geekyness and my queengeekdom and my business unusual approach to everything.

2. he’s pixelated – I am a fan of pixel art.

3. he’s cool and blue =)

I was also sure that I should make it on my underarm. My tattooist (old friend of mine I used to work with at apple computers in Cork, Ireland, who somehow ended up in Elsinore of all places, who I met again after not being in touch with him for around 10 years) Told me that there was no way that I could have a “small” pixelated 8-bit megaman tattoo made especially not 40 dollars small.

I booked a slot with him at Royal Tattoo anyway. Kind of knowing what I went into ( it was my second tattoo) but also knowing that it would be very painful having a tattoo on my underarm)

my pixelated 8-bit megaman tattoo halfway through

The above was what the megaman tattoo looked like after 1,5 hours of defining the patterns and the blacks. When Theo said ” now for the colors” I almost told him that I liked the way it was right at that moment because of the pain and that it looked awesome and super cool.

The awesome part about this is that I was sitting next to all these rather large people have koi’s and kobra’s tattooed on their back.

I was having a pure hard artwork made on my underarm. Oh the envy from those guys =)

So after 4 hours of pain of having a tattooist creating something within around 15 cm on your underarm constant color and tattoo, I was done- I almost screamed in the end – it was that bad.

But the result was

a: breathtaking – nothing less

b: a “bit” more that the 40 dollars – actually it was something around 4000 DKR which is 500 dollars…

But just look at it- my megaman tattoo – it’s so pretty and out of this world. I am also planing an addition to it: I want him to have a barcamp logo fired out of his gun.

my finished pixelated 8-bit megaman tattoo

Anyway that will happen later. here’s the story though =) for all of you who has asked.

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