Talk of the town 3rd of march 2009: skittles(spam) and ABBA


So these days in the sphere of social marketing there’s a lot of social media bloggers who are talking about skittles new social media move – turning their own homepage over to real time results from twitter, and outsourcing photos and videos to flickr and youtube amongst other things. Some of these bloggers think that the skittles case is the worst thing ever to happen to social media branding, 0thers are more neutral.

I think this case has the bravery that we all, as experts and consultants, are urging the companies to have. I would say that letting go of the control of a major part of your website is not really what you want to do – brandwise.


Another thing that we constantly see is that companies would rather display the communities that they participate in, instead of embracing them. The “old” social media marketing saying of “meeting people where they are” – which I like a lot and preach a lot, is replaced by “displaying people where they are – if they talk about skittles”. There isn’t really any interaction. Some people are already  spamming  the campaign and writing skittles after their normal twitter’s – which I think is not where skittles wants to see this heading at all. So the skittles site is going to be filled with skittles twitter spam. Pretty useless. Maybe skittlesspam will be a word used to describe initiatives in the future ? who knows.


My judgement is that, even though it’s hyped a lot these days – this campaign is not going to work for skittles, mainly because it doesn’t really give anything to the skittles brand apart from showing what people are saying about the word “skittles”. I think skittlesspam is all that is going to come from this.

And onto something else – ABBA – one of my alltime favorite bands is launching an online music store for their fans. The great part about this is that they are making the musicstore transitional – which means that their fans will be able to have an ABBA music store on their facebook profile or on their blogs (they have around 176.000 fans in their community already. Now this is something (on the contrary to skittles)  that is actually involving people who would love to be involved in ABBA – Great stuff.

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