Ada Lovelace Day reflections

reflections on Women in Tech for Ada Lovelace day:

And here’s a couple of ladies of tech that I think you should check out:

Laura Kiralfy
Line Young Peteri
Jennifer Wilhelm
Stephanie Booth
Patricia Furtado
Vero Pepperell
Francesca Birks
Molly Wright Steenson
Karen Mardahl
Elmine Wijnia
Twanna A. Hines
Nanna Thorhauge
Christiana Bolli-Freitas
Leila Boujnane
Luisa Carbonelli
Lilia Efimova
Karin Høgh
Dannie Jost
Beth Kanter
Gala darling
Trine-Maria Kristensen (in danish)
Flo’s Diner (in danish)
Gia Gia
Ulla-Maaria Engeström
Anne Mølleskov
Lisa Risager
Suw Charman-Anderson (the initiator of Ada Lovelace day)
Stéphanie K
Janetti Chon
Jasmina Tesanovic
Meghan Warby

11 replies on “Ada Lovelace Day reflections”

What a nice post! I am so happy to have met you at SXSW – it was made so much better for me because of you.

Women in technology is an interesting topic. Being one myself, I can honestly say we need more of them, but I’m also curious as to why I am such a minority… why is it that there are so few of us, and why aren’t more in the spotlight?

I just downloaded my copy of “Why Every Company Should be a Rockband,” and plan on reading it tonight. I’m glad to hear you finished it! Now on to your next one, eh?

I feel all self conscious now being on the top of your (probably rather randomly sorted list)… But I like the fact, that it’s actually pretty long and full of really wonderful women!

Like you, I don’t really feel very tech’y myself, all though I hang out with the tech-gang as often as possible and try to keep myself updated on tech related news and development. I love the fact that courses in “humanistic” IT is beginning to attract more and more women to the tech sector.

Btw… Met a “morgendagens heltinde” today, who told me she was a fan of Henriette Weber and Toothless Tiger! You would definitely be on the top of my list too, had I remembered to blog on Ada Lovelace Day! Might turn it into a post-ada-post! 😉

Ladies ! – thank you for your kind comments. Yeah I don’t feel tech-y either – I feel social.

May I ask who my secret fan is ? You make me so happy and a post ADA would be the coolest =)

Well, Kommentarsporet is my initiative. I’m quite a private person, who specializes in social media – which makes no sense, I guess 😉
Still, I should probably come out of the closet by now and claim Kommetarsporet.

Hi Helene, I kinda suspected it, but I didn’t want to ask you about it =) anyway I would totally read kommentarsporet =)

[…] So this is one of the blogposts I have been looking so much forward to writing – I have been knowing that ALD10 (Ada Lovelace Day 2010) has been coming for a while, And it’s a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to some of the women in technology – especially the ones that has enlightened my year since Ada Lovelace Day last year ( you can see my post from last year here).. […]

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