why you don’t want your brand to be seen as inhuman online


This is something that touches me very deeply and it’s a constant annoyance for me even though it’s a minor detail, and then again, it’s not.

Inhumanity online.

The perfect example is an event on facebook where you are hosting as a company but it has a personal mailadress attached. Another great example is when a person sends out a mail from a personal emailadress and signs it as a company. Or somebody who makes a personal profile in a forum and then insist on making your forum identity a corporate one.

And the internet these days is made to be some kind of human, meaning that even though you are an online identity somewhere by a handle (a name you pick out yourself, but not the same as your real name) or your identity is the same as your inreallife person (with your own name you also use on the streets =).

I would claim that the social media today is builded in a way that you need to state who you are in person. You need to be human, and not a company.

So stop stating your a company in a social media if they haven’t build a specific company profile (facebook has. f.eks with their pages).

The same on Twitter – you can be a company, but it’s better that it’s one person that is actually being the company (and the other people on twitter actually knows who it is, instead of just communicating with a brand.

I would communicate with a brand, but the marketing perspectives of choosing the inhuman touch to social simply makes your possibilities within the communities too limited.

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