Random thoughts on green “active” and “passive”


I have had this blogpost coming in a while. Both because of the above picture, but also because of a SXSW panel called sustainability and social media, but the buttomline is, that I see a lot of people and media actually making  talking down on great initiatives for the environment – because they don’t make a difference in the bigger picture. It’s probably the same guys talking down on greenwashing – (I will state that even though greenwashing is not optimal it comes from good) I would rather see that there was really green initiatives but the effect of companies being active about the environmental problem is a great thing.

They are actually moving themselves in a problem, where they used to be passive to being active.

There’s nothing really we can do as a single person, on a larger scale, that can help enviromental problems. But as I, in my work, work around viral effects, the effect is a bit bigger for every person that actually starts doing green stuff. This is how every movement in society has worked. In Denmark these days a lot of companies and municipalities and people has signed up for “turn of the light – denmark” which is a campaign where all people signing up commit to turn their lights off between 20.30 and 21.30 tonight.

This is a great thing.

However the danish newspaper Politiken (the same with the wonderful add above) wrote an article yesterday about “how initiatives like this doesn’t make a difference because the energy is sold to other countries”. Yep that’s true and I can’t believe that they actually call that a newsstory. Anyway as on the sustainability and social media panel at sxsw, this attitude on change is wrong. At the panel there was one guy who made me really angry because he was really annoyed that the companies didn’t do things right, and they did greenwashing.

We shouldn’t be angry at companies doing greenwashing. We should support companies doing greenwashing because if they get a lot of support for their greenwashing initiative, they will continue do it. on a larger scale, we as customers, can change the demand and supply, and that is why companies do greenwashing. They will optimize their products etc to be more green because then they will sell more.

Where we need to be, as a society, media and as a person is where we are active. where we do green things. Where we are not passively listening to what media are telling us. but we involve ourselves. Even though we might now inside that it doesn’t do much of a difference if one single person does it, it makes a difference if all the people surrounding that person are actually doing the same.

no more passivity, do something. greenwash. I don’t care. And if people say that it doesn’t make a difference anyway – see it as your own little revolution and think to yourself with a wink in the eye “I know something they don’t, im changing the world with my actions”.

You can’t change the world if you’re not active. And people (and surprisingly even media) will tell you that we’re doomed and it doesn’t make a difference.

Well I know better than that. Please know better than that too.

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