boatworking space to be: PAN

So those of you who has been following this blog knows that I have had a dream during the last couple of years to turn my great grandparents old LM23 into a danish coworking space placed whereever the boat may be. It looks like a mess – but I am so sure it’s gonna be great. Anyway we are retronizing the boat – which means that we are going to turn it back into the original state =)

ps. if you want to chip in ( we need a lot of money to fix the boat) – you are mostly welcome – send me a mail at henrietteATtoothlesstigerDOTcom and I can set up a paypal thing.

So what big things we need to make coworking space PAN come true ?

– paint – which is around 1500 dkr
– a customtailored hood 8000 dkr
– an new diesel engine for an 1973 lm23 – without a swing -please, I think it’s around 40.000 dkr and definetly the biggest post.

in total it’s about 60.000 kr

If you guys who has already started to email me want to have a share of PAN 2.0 I think I can sell a share for 500 kr a piece. that means that we have 120 shares of the boat to sell this summer. You people who has already raised interest in supporting our (me, Thomas and my brother) huge project has my eternal gratitude.

For a share in Pan you get access to the boat, special boat dinners and sailing trips around øresund (maybe a trip to Hven is coming up?, who knows)

Those of you out there who want to have a part in making the greatest coworking space in the world happen, please contact me. I am wondering if I can 120 people to buy a 500 kr share each ? That would so rock my world!

update: I have furthermore gotten the paint sponsored by Elmine and Ton, it’s ecofriendly, by Ecomarine Paint AB and the brand is called Neptune formula. If you are a boatowner, please buy this, the product rocks. Also taken in consideration how poisonous that paint for boats normally is .and it’s both paint for the bottom of the boat and a primer that you have to add before the paint is putted on.

Apart from that Pedro and his wife Patricia has decided to sponsor retronized and sewed (homemade) pillowcovers. You guys makes my world go round – If I can have 16 people signing up for the shares by the end of next week, I can actually get the hood on really soon, and then we’re rolling.

108/120 shares left (12 sold)

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  • Elmine

    Lovely idea to turn it into a co-working space. And still so much to do 🙁 (but can also be very rewarding when it’s finished 🙂 ) Keep up the work guys!

  • Henriette

    Hi Elmine. Yeah I know – anyway I think it’s gonna rock! – we will keep up the work flow – even though it’s hard, dusty and filled with lacque

  • Olle Jonsson

    Boats as office space – excellent. We can’t build more land, really, so boats, thumbs up.

  • Pedro Custódio

    You’re so getting me on this one! 😀
    Argg.. And I’ll suggest getting a BUS as well!

  • lauramaki

    500 off my next paycheck will go your way, baby (might take a month or two though)! Really cool idea! Gonna spread the word! 😉

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