retronization of pan – creating a coworking boat vol 2.

So this weekend we worked on Pan again – next week we are starting with the outside of the boat, it’s kinda tricky this part, because there’s some timeframes that needs to be fitted in, for the paint and primer to actually be fully functional.

In this video I am searchin for the ecopaint for boats – neptune formula, plus I am talking about an addition to Pan I think would be so cool – solar panels.

If you think this project rocks and you really want a part of a boat, you can still get a share (or two) in the boat – I have 107/120 shares left (13 sold) – they are 500 danish kroner a piece =)


  1. Elmine April 7, 2009

    Thanks for the update :-)

  2. Henriette April 7, 2009

    You forgot to mention the sponsor party =) – but you’re welcome

  3. zpitzen April 7, 2009

    I like the “We” part.. 😉 Because you where with me in Hørsholm while Thomas was in Helsingør working..

  4. Henriette April 7, 2009

    ha ha – well my participation depends on if we have a sitter for penny – she can’t really be near the boat and the toxic =(. But true, the four of us is a team though, thomas is working and penny,I and Nicki are walking around the harbour eating icecream, fishing and playing with the surf (well that’s mainly nicki – oh and he can’t understand why he can’t enter the water (the reason for that is that he’s deaf so I can’t call him back).. he loves swimming though..

  5. Duarte April 7, 2009

    So… how much is share on the boat?

  6. Henriette April 7, 2009

    A share in the boat is 500 Danish kroner (and I have updated the post to state that as well =)

  7. Pedro Custódio April 7, 2009

    Looking good! Looking good! :)
    Love the new glasses btw!
    keep us posted!



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