Please join in: Creative predictions for the future


Let’s play a bit: thinking about the financial crisis – this what I will personally hope to see coming out of it from a business point of view. I am really convinced that the solution to this financial crisis is people and creativity (as always =).

1. Creativity instead of consumption – from a society point of view. This is gonna be fun

2. Measuring value to society instead of measuring everything in money

3. Doing well by doing good (this one is unescapable)

4. Involvement and more cool business that dares to fail hard and fail again, and win the heart of the users in the long run.

5. More niches – I don’ think we have seen nothing yet.

6. Please give me more vintage instead of mass produced goods. Remodified vintage. Oh joy.

7. Internet will be a catalysator for local and small business

8. Rockbandism (sorry I had to put it in there) will be the strategy of the businesses – it’s not about how you look, it’s about how you act, and guys, the world wants you to act nicely, transparent and crazy cool.

9. The climate change problem is going to be solved. We have Obama now. Everything is possible.

10. Push marketing strategies will slowly diminish (yey =)

11. Media will be aggregators instead of content providers

I really want to keep this list going – do you have any future predictions you really want on there ? tell me in the comment field, last time I did one of these I made a creativity 100 list so please join in =), I’ll add your suggestions with links to wherever you want them.

12. More publishing and less patenting – earning the credit for your ideas early without heavy economical investment is the name of the game. (Niels Christensen)

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