Coworking Boat Pan

retronization of Pan – creating a coworking boat vol 4 – the seasetting

So she’s in the water – still a long way to go though. Anyway we are having the official launch party of the coworkingboat pan on the 27th of June – for shareholders mainly. I have a high hope that it will turn into an all-night beach party. And I have both gotten Champagne and icecubes sponsored by two mystery guests=)

I have sold 14 out of 120 shares in the coworking space. They are 500 kr a piece. contact me at henriette @ toothlesstiger . com for more information. You can see why this project matters so much to me and the shared economy of tomorrow at this clip about Pan from next09

Oh btw- Elmine Wijnia has been elected the chairman of the board of coworkingboat Pan – thanks Elmine you have really made a huge difference in this project=)

And Pan now has an official facebook page – join us =)

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