Did facebook change?


Last week I came across an article on NY times called “The Day Facebook Changed: Messages to Become Public by Default” which basically means that the whole structure of facebook is changing as well. For me, as a social marketing rebel extraordinaire it means that you can actually start measuring statusmessages inside facebook as a part of your online reputation or as a part of measuring return on involvement. It basically makes my day easier in the end. The original release from facebook is here.

But what does it mean to the people on facebook – the ones that doesn’t have their statusmessages rss’ed in from twitter ? well with a development of the facebook API it could mean that your data will be displayed other places than on facebook, as you have with twitter and then some companies who shows a defined by hashtags twitter search on their own site. So in some ways facebook starts to resemble twitter a lot when it comes to the statusmessage part.

I am a facebook fangirl – and I think that this approach will open up the community more and have it become more transitional – meaning that facebook’ing doesn’t have to happen on facebook anymore, it could also happen on other people’s blog, facebook connect etc, facebook searches and hashtags (as with twitter). So is this the dawn of seeing facebook becoming more of an internet social infrastructure, than a community ? I can actually see it happen – it scares me a bit. Majorly because for a lot of people, their facebook is their online identity behind closed walls – now it’s going to be more like online identity in front of open windows.

Interesting move for sure.

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  1. Freddy J. Nager July 3, 2009

    Interesting — and I share your apprehensions. I’m already circumspect about what I post on Facebook… not that anyone would notice, since I tend to post pretty much anything that crosses my mind and my path. However, I’m wondering what the ultimate benefit all this is to Facebook users? I’m already finding that Facebook Groups have deteriorated because of spammers. Will all of Facebook now become one giant tool for spammers and legit marketers to hype themselves?


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