the shift09 DIY transportation crusade

(or why I am going to spend 82 hours on transportation in october to come from Copenhagen to Lisbon and planes are not an option)

As some of you know I am a creative co-organizer of the shift conference in Lisbon Portugal (twitter: @shiftconf). It’s a great role to have because I get to do whatever I want around the conference (heck I get to to whatever I want whenever=) for the common good of the conference.

This year, when I have been speaking at conferences, when I have been travelling Europe, I have mostly gone by train. Maybe it’s because I really want to see the world eye to eye, but a big part of it is that I want to state that it matters that we don’t take the plane everywhere. basically trains are much more private and not quite as hectic. They suit me better. So this year for Shift09 – the theme being DIY, I am going to do the first thing myself and hope that a lot of other people joining me at the conference will follow suit: don’t take the plane to shift09. Take a boat, a bus, a car, a train, walk. Do a transportation crusade.

(a message from Pedro – so I better get going on this shift thing=)

The idea actually comes from Innocent drinks who has a logistic stand point when they ship their goods around the globe then “plane is not an option”. It means a lot to the stakeholders and to the people who work there… So I am trying to live by the same believe when I ship my goods around the globe – if managable – plane is not an option.

This is an action to reduce carbon emissions from the conference goers and doing something myself…As one of my friend said to me once “cultural change is a matter of perspective”. So by getting people to join my little transportation crusade, opening their eyes to alternate ways of travelling than flying, I hope that the shift’ers will actually think about alternate transportation before next time they order a planeticket.

It’s a small mean – but we’re already a couple of people from denmark heading down to Lisbon – I was thinking that if other people around the world would like to join us that would be awesome…

Another idea for making it into a crusade would be to stop different places and do social meetups – it’s just an idea – basically because I could see myself going to Paris for 50 mins only – I want to stay there for a day or so… =)

If you are interested in going to shift (if you are going anywhere really) – and you want to create a difference and be a part of the conference crusade (no matter if you live 5 min or 50 hours from the conference) – please contact me by mail or on

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Hi Henrietta,

I did the illustrations at Shift’08, if you remember.
I like your idea, unfortunately I’m already in Portugal… πŸ™‚

I suggest setting up a page with your travel plan in order to connect with people on the way here.

Maybe you could look in to “couch surfing”?

Keep me posted! I had a scheduling conflict with the October SHIFT, but hopefully not when it is in the spring. If you guys end up driving, in a psychedelic VW minibus or something, I’m sort of on the way, so everybody’s invited to spend the night in Toulouse, and maybe pick me up.

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