Introducing the social media value chain

I have been toying around with a social media value chain for a while, mainly to put my own social media work into boxes.

So this is what I initially came up with:

the social media value chain developed by Henriette Weber
So as I said this is work in progress and a way for me to teach how I work around marketing and social web initiatives. If you have input I would love to hear them. I would love the internets to develop this together because I am so sure that you guys are so much smarter than me. I don’t know if you guys have been forced to analyze companies with value chains – this is my way to analyze the outcome and the progress of social media, social web and how you can identify and drive initiatives.

The social media value chain in short:

company persona: Who you are/what you stand for.

digital ressources: How many people you will have working with social media.

tendencies/media/technologies: What the internet looks like right now – opportunities and obstacles.

crowd/crowdsourcing (my personal favorite): To what extend are you going to let people impact the activites in your social media value chain?

Now to the hardcore part of the social media value chain:

Inbound content/ideas/creativity: this is where you start – brainstorming and thinking out of the box au contraire to what you normally do…

implementation/choices of initiatives: the implementation of ideas you have decided to go ahead with

tools/strategies: what tools will you use to get the idea to market ?

marketing/dialogue/involvement: start talking and start involving yourself – and how do you plan on doing that ?

service/feedback: what are people saying about your initiative, and how can you use that in the continous development of your company and identity?

In the normal value chain you have margin as a total outcome. I have simply put outcome there and added an “iteration” or a repetition – so you kind of rinse and repeat.

I look so much forward to hearing your comments on this – oh and implementing them to the social media value chain =)

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Hi Annika – yep, I still don’t think it’s fully developed, but I think it will be good to introduce to the people who are going to be introduced to social media – anyway if you have any thoughts on how it could be improved let me know…

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