Finnfactstour: Floobs – a live streaming tool (with a really good business model)

floobs_logoFloobs is a live streaming tool that you can use both for streaming and for videos. I think the first thing that sprung to my eye when I tested out the site earlier was that the flow on the site was great – there was no way that floobs would loose me or other users anywhere – even though I encountered a problem the floobs “get satisfaction” community took over. Visiting floobs IRL was exciting and inspiring, especially because it clearly stood out early on, that floobs wasn’t just another video site online, they had a clearly defined target group and the business model we where introduced to, where more focused on the users and had some really great value for the people using it, when it came to document in what geographical location and how much the videos where watched.

It really left me thinking that if you where getting into live streaming or online video, floobs would be a great option to figure out which of your videos are

1. most popular

2. closest to the targetgroup

3. most effective

and yes! they have a way of measuring that, for the pro users who has purchased floobs. Also something that really would provide useful in a social marketing strategy (my kind of work for Toothless Tiger when I am not writing) is the Floobs TV facebook application.

The traffic on the floobs site and the usage + fans on facebook tells me that Floobs hasn’t really gained momemtum yet with the internet users – but I really think that with a solid video product like this, mainly because of the business model and the hardcore focus on certain groups – floobs is something we will hear more about in the future…

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