the shift10 DIY transportation crusade

So shift09 was pushed ahead to april 16-17th 2010 so now it’s shift10 (and you should all come to Lisbon with me, because shift is so much fun, so sunny, and so filled with brilliant thoughts).

It’s a conference where I have had the role as “super duper advisor” for a couple of years – which is a cool role to have and it’s a fantastic creative way to work…

Anyway now it’s shift10 – and I STILL want to do a Shift transportation crusade as I mentioned before.

The shift10 transportation crusade has one purpose and one purpose only: to get you to think about the way you travel to shift or any other conference – or if you go a tad bit deeper – how you can save the world yourself… by thinking out of the frames and upscaling old habits/things to new ones.
Like driving a car/train to Lisbon (which is 3 days each way instead of 3 hours from copenhagen).

btw if you’re coming from anyplace else than Copenhagen – and you still want to go, get in touch and I will see if I can work something out, facilitating the network and other things…

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  • Kim Bach

    <3 I'm IN

    I propose that we do a passive online presense, document the trip by voice, video and photo, share, and log, our location in realtime only – so no connected communication-devices just good ol' paper.

    If shift10 needs any facilitation help, I'm willing to help all that I can, you're welcome to introduce me!

  • Flemming Funch

    Damn, I just realized that I had made other plans for the 17th before it was announced as one of the Shift days. So I’m not sure yet if I’m actually gonna come.

    But, one way or another, the Shift transportation crusade is invited to pass through Toulouse, if it fits, which it kind of does if it is some kind of driving crusade.

  • Lisa Risager

    København H – Köln – Paris – Hendaye – Irun – Lisboa med nattog, TGV osv. i would love to do that
    with you. And SHiFT of course!

  • Henriette

    that sounds totally wonderful – =) thanks guys – @flemming we are so coming through Toulouse if we are making a car convoy =). @Kim – my thought exactly – just being in the moment – showing the trip and having fun.. @Lisa I don’t know if it’s gonna be a train or a car convoy – a car gives a lot of liberties – fx making a party in the netherlands on the way down – or dining with Flemming in Toulouse… or stopping in barcelona for no apparent reason. I can see pro’s and cons of both – and I think the experience and the process is going to be a huge part of the documentation =)

  • Lisa Risager

    Car will be OK as long as we ‘fill it up’ 🙂
    I’m all for parties and impromptu stops, documenting big time while being off, and if needed being a member of the SHiFT crew.

  • Bauke

    I’m already in Portugal, but I will take the train to Shift10. 🙂

  • Pedro Custódio

    Judging by the looks of your plans, I’m getting quite jealous, since I need to be there in advance… but Henriette maybe it’s time we take our M project out of the drawer 😉 Remember the one that it was my idea? 🙂

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