Changing the name of the blog (again)

So this morning while I was pulling my daughter on a sleigh to the kindergarden – I thought about it being time for me to change the name of the title of the blog. The old title has been there for a while now (I think ruffly  3 years ?) and looked like this. I totally recall that I was so inspired by my film studies and film history that I wanted it to be something with Avant-garde and the belle epoque. It’s something that I firmly believe we still are living – other people call it a paradigm shift – which it also is, but I think “la belle epoque” is so much more glamourous, creative and me =).

Before I had that title, this blog (which has almost always been placed at – apart from 2 months to begin with) was called “only the real is unreal” which was me totally rambling about anything. While i still do that from time to time I think it’s important to evolve the blog as much as you evolve over time…

Hence, new blog title – oh and a lot of other cool new things coming up as well.

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