Reasons I won’t come to your internet conference

A mail ticked into my mailbox this morning from a conference in Berlin. First off I am completely honored because I thought they where inviting me to speak there, which is the only time where I find out about conferences in my mailbox instead of in my network. This conference has everything – Top trends on the web is what they are going to be talking about there.. Im sure it’s gonna be a blast.

When I read through the mail I find out that this isn’t a speaker invite – they want me to come as an attendant. Wow and here I am puzzled that they would ever send me a participant invite – especially since I haven’t heard about them before – and I have no idea who the people behind the conference is. I received spam. From a top-trends-on-the-web conference in Berlin. In 2010.
Normally I would just ignore this – but I think it’s disturbing that people are having a top-trends-on-the-web conference if they think it’s okay to send out spam to other people that don’t know them, asking them to come to the conference. Now this is where the s*** hits the fan in my head, because the last two lines of the mail says “all talks and workshops will be held in German”.

I don’t speak German.

This makes this mail not only completely disturbing to me – but also completely irrelevant. I mean this is a complete no-go in my book. In every EVERY sales book (and not social media or web marketing book) but in every sales book it says that “first you meet the people you want to sell to, then you get to know them, then you get to trust them – and then – only then – you can start selling”.

So this is the reason I won’t come to your conference. I don’t think you have any idea of what you’re talking about, or what your speakers are going to talk about. You sure haven’t implemented any of it. Thank you for taking some of the most precious thing in my book and wasting it: time.

I mean this is so not okay. Which is also why I am writing this blogpost and wasting another 30 mins of my time telling these people that it’s totally not okay. Really guys, Im on EVERYWHERE on the internet. You could have reached me a 1000 other ways – the internet is interconnected like that. If you can’t figure out how to do that – you sure ain’t going to teach me about internet trends.

Sorry Im ranting now. But please ! – stop it. never again. promise me that ?

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