bigger than social media: some things you can do to improve your health and what I am living these days

Oh yes. There are bigger problems than “how to make a twitter strategy” (why would anyone make a tool strategy is beyond me), or “how to choose what kind of facebook page/group/profile you need to get 200.000 fans on facebook” or becoming mayor of Glostrup Station on foursquare (im almost there though)

disclaimer:I am one of those people who needs to loose weight myself, it’s a personal problem for me and something I have been battling with for years and years and years without ever getting it – I have even gained more weight. I have recently become more committed to it because of the books I have been reading and because health always has been important to me.

a couple of days ago I was lead to Jamie Olivers video on TED about educating kids about food:

And because of my own personal discoveries this makes so much sense to me – and I hope it will make sense to you as well.

As a frequent speaker on social media I often highlight the active media image that our kids are growing up in and how our society is benefiting from that. Honestly I hadn’t seen it coming that there’s actually kids in the world (In the US in particular what I can understand from Jamie’s video) that doesn’t know the difference of a tomato and a potato. I was awestruck when I first saw it. Anyway as I recently posted in my discoveries when I read Michael Pollans excellent book “in defense of food”, I think there’s some things you can do to actually battle the unhealthiness of the foodsystem as a whole, and it’s something I think we need to do, because otherwise this might hit us in the back faster than we can say “climate change”.

1. cook at home and cook more – I love the blog “not eating out in new york” in particular and I follow a lot of foodblogs for inspiration.

2. rent books on the library on food issues and write down the recipes that you know works ( making “own” cookbooks works really great with kids)

3. eat food – don’t eat junk – if things can become moldy it’s more healthy and it give you nutrition (au contraire to – let’s say the happy meal that just celebrated it’s one year birthday – mcdonalds isn’t food)

4. eat more veggies and fruit – maybe become more of a flexitarian ?

5. go for a walk

6. listen to and get committed and clear (something high on my list these days..)

7. drink water

8. don’t eat a whole pizza – eat half…

9. choose ecological organic when you can. The nutrional value is soo much higher then in normal products. seriously it’s better for you.

10. grow a garden. Become a backyard farmer (or a balcony farmer in my case) no matter if you live in an apartment or in a house you should have room for a little bit of gardening. It’s not my thing at all and I used to be really bad at getting things to grow – but being proactive about it we now have plants everywhere on my desk (herbs and veggies before they go outside – it’s a bit too early for that still)..

11.have daily breaks and do more yoga/meditation/spiritual stuff.

This is not the kind of blogpost I normally write, however it’s soo important to me – and if I can inspire you to look at the video or read some books on this issue – i think it’s worth it=)

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  1. Anders Sporring April 8, 2010

    What a great Post Henriette! And the clip w Jamie is one of my favorites, and yes we can all improve our health by doing small but important cahnges in our lifestyles and now as we both are engaged in Social Media Club we can even more push for changes through #smchealth !


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