Is your business model broken ?

I see a lot of really cool stuff these days.  I see a lot of companies struggling to survive and I see people who are working so hard to change the world but only have around 50 hours a week to do it. I see companies who are trying to do different kind of old-school sales activities that doesn’t work at all – or at least have a minimal effect compared how effective it used to be.

I see companies using social media as a distribution channel instead of a conversational tool, I see people talking about social and doing the anti-social moves themselves – I see spam everywhere and I find value in the strangest places. I see current business models broken and bend and not functioning at all. So how do you if you need to set in – here’s a couple of ways to  find out if you business model is close to broken:

– If the best way for you to get people to hear about your newest product launch is to spam you network with personal messages on Linkedin (not status updates but the real serious ones that get’s into you inbox)

– if you keep on doing flyers and print material that doesn’t get noticed

– if you’re not into creating market shares instead of competing for it

– if people don’t know what you stand for – or you really don’t stand for anything at all

– if the first thing to be cut off is the networking events for your employees (or for yourself)

– if you don’t involve yourself in your surroundings because they are not that important to you

I would love to collect 100 ways for you to see if your business model is broken – I have a couple more up my sleeve – but I would need your help on this – please add more in the comment field =)


  1. Laura May 18, 2010

    – if you stop caring about your costumers, because ‘you don’t need them, they need you’

    – if you teach your costumer service employees to protect you from your costumers instead of giving them the best possible service.

  2. If you consider Facebook and Twitter as platforms for mass-marketing, where you can expose your potential customers to the world of annoying advertisements, instead of using it for dialogue.


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