One-liners to boost your confidence while being yourself and a personal brand

There’s a lot of talk about being a personal brand vs. insecurity and lack of self-confidence these days. Here’s my creative advise in a couple of one-liners to boost your confidence while being yourself and a “personal brand” which in my case means – erhm : Henriette Weber.

Here’s my boosting one liners:


1. be thankful for who you are
2. ignore everybody
3. believe that you’re NOT misunderstood
4. if you don’t feel like a princess, a style icon, a glamazon – it’s OK I don’t either – I feel like me.
5. don’t listen to what other people say
6. start creating – be active and proactive
7. do epic shit
8. state stuff. Maybe even do a personal manifesto
9. get going everyday – don’t do too much
10. don’t believe that you have to be perfect
11. live in the now
12. don’t focus on the negative – focus on the support from people who love what you’re doing
13. Creativity is the way to differentiate
14. look gorgeous no matter what size you are
15. embrace your faults
16. interview people and ask them for your opinion on you
17. if you did something that sucked (hey it happens sometime) don’t linger – get back up on your horse
18. find out how you should start selling – what fits your personality and go after it
19. Get THOSE shoes – they’re probably worth every penny they boost your self-confidence
20. don’t hide behind social media – participate
21. be thankful for the challenges you get
22. stand out
23. if you see something and think it’s cool – it really is
24. keep writing/going
25. follow-up
26. network strategically
27. Love
28. And (- I’ll personally get really upset if you don’t do this one =) rock on.

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  1. KÃ¥re June 14, 2010

    Just do it (not as in the Nike commercial) but rather as the answer to all the but’s and i’ll just have to’s that keeps you from not Rocking on 😉


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