Sending my GGMCPH baton into outer internet space

Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen #ggmcph is what occupies a lot of my thoughts these days. We got some news last week that made the planning less troublesome (if you are an eventplanner you know that getting the money in to run the event, is where the sweat normally breaks out on the forehead of people (together with finding the perfect location and we already have that in Iværksætterhuset).

Anyway, having attended the Geek Girl Meetup Øresund in Helsingborg earlier this year, I know that the ladies are in for an inspiration treat extravaganza, with so much how to and so much networking. The whole team behind Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen is working so hard to secure that our own sky-high expectations (accelerated by Geek Girl Meetup Øresund) is met. We are getting closer day by day, and to me it’s like starting out a gigantic puzzle together with a lot of cool ladies. Just to look at the participants list and see what people want to contribute with – is such an honor for me.

We’ve decided to do a baton to get people’s thoughts on being a passionate geek out there. Basically it’s to get people to write their thoughts down on their blog about their geekyness – anyway here’s mine:

For me I don’t know how my geekyness started, I have always been upsessed with changing things for the better – and I must say that there was a lot of things that gotten together for me when I found out that to change the business world for the better (at the time I wanted companies to stop using sweatshop and exploiting poor people) I had to go inside of the companies to make that change, and not stand outside demonstrating. That’s how much I wanted to change stuff. I based my education on it. I base all my writings on it. I make events around it. I base my actions on it

It’s fantastic to me that I get up everyday and do the thing I love. Teaching and learning at the same time, getting other people to pay me for that is something i am truely blessed by. It’s a gift for me.  I want other people to feel that as well. I want more cool ladies to feel that. And I am sure our geekyness and passion will lift the meetup to another dimension. People – this is better than christmas for me =)

I wonder what Julia, Heidi, Camille and Nanna is thinking ?

  • Heidi Harman

    Im a change geek too, I really wanted a conference for women in tech, i wanted a platform to talk about code, startups and strategy, and foremost of all i wanted, urgently needed female rolemodels in the field. Im a startup geek, i love entrepreneurship, built on clever code, whitty technology, and I’m fining that the circle is communing full circle, when im creating my own reality with you chiqs! Henriette, im honored that you´r carrying the torch in denmark, its the biggest compliment both me and the rest of the Geekgirl crew in Sweden could ever get. W00t!

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