My thoughts on/after Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen

So – last saturday I was running around at iværksætterhuset on Nørrebro, kind of like a hen without a head, but remaining calm and smiling. To arrange a geek girl meetup with 150 ladies requires a lot of planning and a lot of on the spot actions. People everywhere has said how great it was though.

Picture of yours truely by Amelie Berkeley

To be honest with you, We did expect it to be great. Karen, Karin, Malin, Lisa and I (aka. the planners) had a hunch. There where small indicators, like that the first 100 tickets sold out in 6 days, like we got a lot of support for the event from the participants beforehand – and a lot of hugs and smiles and laughter during the event. It confirmed me again that ladies do bond better and the coolness + approach-ability factor goes up. It just seem more down to earth, fun and dreamy. Yep I would argue that there was a fair share of unicorns and rainbows at the event (not only supplied by the Sony Ps3 Move).

I think my personal goal where met, when a couple of the ladies went home with a bigger dream avec un petit peu d’internet. I think my goal where met when ladies decided to give twitter a second shot. Or when so many at the event hooked up on facebook. When Sine told me that she’s doing something similar in Odense because she loved the feeling of it. Or when somebody magically cleaned up after cake and dinner, without me notising it. When Marie is setting up a blogger gathering in the spring in Århus -( and I will be there) When the sponsors clapped their hands because of the exposure they got and everybody left this magic place in the middle of Nørrebro called Iværksætterhuset with a feeling of go-get’em and we where told that we could have the place as a venue next time around as well.

A lot of the talks and workshops where amazing. or so Im told. I was so happy for the showroom set up by Malin and supported heavily by Camille and her blog hverdagshjem and her urge for everyone to do a hausfrau evening in their home. A creative feminine outburst. It rocked.

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  • Marie

    You are a great planner and it was a perfect event! I’m glad to have been a part of it and will definitly be there in the future also 😀

  • Karen

    Thanks for inviting me to be on the team. An honor and a privilege!

  • Sine

    It was a totally amazing day, looking forward to next year. So manny clever beautiful girls in one spot at the same time, must give succes
    Thanks to you all fore taking the lead 🙂

  • Nanna

    I can’t tell you how grateful I am. Thank you for convincing me that the geek girls are really out there. Thank you to all the organizers and participants! I særdeleshed dig Henriette, og Malin Sjöberg, Karin Høgh, Karen Mardahl og Lisa Risager. <3

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